More Revelations of God’s Love in Jesus’ Ministry

Jesus revealed through His ministry at least 14 eternal, glorious revelations of God’s love and compassion.

The Gospel is for everyone. God loves the world so much He gave Jesus, so that all could be saved and spend eternity in heaven. However, many do not receive the Gospel.

God Receives the Have-nots and the Few

Jesus Christ reveals mysteries, hidden truths and things kept secret from the foundation of the world (Psalm 78:2, Matthew 13:11,35).

His words are truth, spirit and life. His words are eternal and will never pass away.

In the gospels, Jesus reveals who generally receives the gospel, the good news of Jesus Christ. This truth is revealed in at least 14 various ways. 

Who receives Him? For the most part, the “have-nots.”

The have-nots are the: poor, needy, broken, suffering, diseased, powerless, common, ordinary, unknown, and similar. Sadly, and tragically, the “haves” often do not receive Him.

The haves are the: rich, whole, powerful, elite, educated, accomplished, respected, honored and similar.

Jesus reveals this truth in at least 14 different ways and specific teachings.

1. The “have nots” were those who received Jesus the Messiah, including the public and His disciples. The “haves” – the religious leaders, lawyers, and Pharisees, etc. – opposed and rejected Him.

2. God helps: the poor, brokenhearted, bound, blind, and oppressed (Luke 4:18).

3. God helps and heals people in physical need (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John).

4. Jesus came for the sick and sinners, not the righteous and “well” (Matthew 9:10-12).

5. Happy are the poor, hungry, mourning. Woe to the rich, full, laughing (Luke 6).

6. God reveals the kingdom to the child-like and hides it from the wise and intelligent (Matthew 11:25).

7. Hard for a man who trusts in riches to enter the kingdom (Matthew 19:23-24). God gives preference to the poor.

Parable of the King’s Wedding Feast;

8. The King said “Invite as many as you find,” and the servants invited “all whom they found” (Matthew 22:9-10).

9. The King invited both good and bad people (Matthew 22:10).

10. Things highly esteemed to man are detestable to God (Luke 16:14-16).

11. The Parable of the Rich Man and Beggar Lazarus (Luke 16:19-31).

12. Parable of a Man’s Great Dinner (Luke 14:16-24).

13. Many who are first will be last, and the last first (Matthew 19:30).

14. Save life, lose it. Lose life for the gospel, find it (Matthew 16:25).